Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Julianna Alyssa's Birthday Wishlist

Note: The reason why I'm doing this wishlist is because some of my friends asked me to do a list to give them an idea on what to give her on her birthday para daw magamit niya at di masayang. Ika nga nila, what's important is she's surrounded by the people who loves her. Gift is still a gift, and Janna love's ripping gift wrappers lalo na ngayon that she's more appreciative of the things given to her.

  1. Photo Album - I'm using King Jim, ring binded, refillable, self adhesive album. Yung square na malaki. Sorry di ko na alam ang dimension basta yung square na malaki. Naka 2 albums na ako with 30 pages na, yung February up to present hindi ko pa napapa-print and I'm expecting a lot of photos because of our trip in Laoag and her upcoming birthday party. Basta self adhesive, ring binded, at malaking album ok lang.
  2. Books - She loves books, although she's not that attentive pa when we read stories to her, but she loves looking at illustrations.
  3. Toys - she's still young, she loves toys every single day. She loves balls (I saw a bag of balls at Toy Kingdom, 100 balls ata yun hehehe), toys with wheels (boy ata si Janna), toys that makes noises (baby instruments will do like piano, xylophone, drums).
  4. She loves to swim ... an inflatable, safe, kiddie pool will do. And if we will not gonna use it for swimming, will gonna use it as her play area for her balls. oo gusto niya ng swimball.
  5. Clothes - she's wearing size 1T for shirts and onesies, size 1 for skirts and pants. (medyo payatot pa kasi) One size bigger for her will do :). She doesn't have denim shorts or denim jumpers (I'm still looking for a more affordable clothes for her coz she tends to outgrow her clothes fast.). She looks good on knee socks, too.
  6. Shoes - sa Pitterpatter size 20 siya pero sana may magregalo nung tumutunog or umiilaw para ma-encourage siya to walk hehehe. Wala pa siyang rubber shoes.
  7. She loves Tigger (but I love Winnie the Pooh) hahaha!
  8. She haven't gone to Disneyland ...
  9. She uses Angel's Breath for her cologne hehehe
  10. She doesn't have a hat for travelling ... I saw one in Enfant and it's so cute. Pero I saw one in Barbie din at half the price.
  11. A bike, parang lahat naman ata ng kids dumaan dun hehehe.
  12. Kaboodle or play mat - we need more than what we have right now. Janna needs more room to play hehehe.
  13. Educational toys (Leap Frog, Vtech, etc.)
  14. A Nintendo Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, a new cellphone, Spa GC's ... ay para sa akin pala to hahaha! Erase! Erase!
Kahit wala sa list na yan ang ibibigay mo ok lang, actually kahit nga wala kang ibigay ok lang. Basta ang mahalaga andun ka at masaya lahat sa araw ng birthday ng baby ko hehehe.

12 days to go May 11 na, 17 days to go till her party ... grabe na to!


ruther April 29, 2009 8:13 AM  

wow..lapit na bday ni janna. im sure it's gonna be a blast. i moved to a new home na. im trying wordpress naman this time. :)