Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After going to the Bridal Factory to pick up our gowns, we went to Fairview Centermall to buy milk formula for Elay and her month birthday cake na rin. As we are going to Red Ribbon, we saw this store called Zulit. Everything in it ranges from 29.00 and up. SIL and I can't get rid of our eyes on the accessories. Here's some of what I got from there.

The bracelets only cost 49.00. I bought two coz I'm a bracelet/bangle person. I was eyeing also for the heart shaped bracelet, but I didn't like the color. The first one looks like a bangle when worn. And the brown one was chosen by SIL ... kasi bagay daw sa akin.

And guess how much this fancy eternity rings cost ... it's only 29.00 pesos. And I got 4 of it hahaha!

After buying all these, kuya told me, "Hindi kayo pwede magsama ni Annie pag nag-shopping ... ubos pera kayo eh!" SIL looked at me and we laughed.