Saturday, August 01, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 17 weeks

I had my monthly visit to the OB today. No babysitter is available, so we tagged Janna along. We're on our 17th week today ... and good thing I only gained 2 lbs. in a month. My OB was kinda happy about that even I ate like there's no tomorrow.

OB asked me if I already feel some little kicks on my tummy ... I said, "Yes, doc lalo na sa gabi bago matulog." She wasn't convince though coz It's still pretty early for me to feel those kicks. But we have a taekwondo baby inside me, coz when OB put her Doppler on my tummy, he began to kick. Sabi nga ni OB, "Oo nga, may naninipa na sa tiyan mo" Hahaha! And Janna was again amazed on the heartbeat her baby brother/sister has. She keeps on asking, "Mommy, baby?" hehehe!

Next month, hopefully baby J#2 won't be that shy for us to know his/her gender ... oh we can't wait!