Saturday, July 28, 2007

From now on

From now on, I'll stop blogging about pregnancy issues. But I want to let you know that hubby and I are now in the process of producing the prettiest baby there is. For now, all I need is your prayers that everything would turn out fine. And I'm also praying to God to grant us our wish ... ok enough said.


Tonight, Jason and I are going out with my in-laws. It was Mommy Perlie's birthday (Jason's mom) last Saturday. Since Jamie is in Palawan, Kuya Jade was with a patient, Jason is in a tournament and Mommy Perlie didn't file a leave of absence for her day, we just called it off and celebrate it tonight. The last time I went out on a gimik was last May or June... I couldn't remember. I seldom go out now. Hayz... ano nanaman ang isusuot ko waaaaaaaaah!


We watched a show on a local channel last Thursday... the topic is Mahirap Maging Genius. Do you still remember Shaira Luna? The Promil Gifted Child who already know the anatomy of the human body at the age of 4 I think. To summarize the whole story, I think she never enjoyed her childhood days. Because based on her stories, that time she's busy excelling in all things like academics, play different music instruments (piano, violin, flute and drums... and she's all good at it), do gymnastics, joining competitions etc. There was a time in her life that she got tired of studying ... shifted course for several times already... I think it's 5 courses ... and still an undergrad. Right now, she's a professional photographer doing prenups and weddings. It's something she wanted all her life. She also said that she doesn't care if she's undergrad. Maybe for some people, having a diploma can do wonders. But for her, it isn't. And the career path she have chosen was something she will keep forever.

They also featured some 4 year old kids who are genius as well. Imagine, he was asked about global warming, he answered it well detailed. He also know who Al Gore is. I thought kids only know Dora or Big Bird.


Huhum... boring! Have a nice day guys!


Mec July 28, 2007 8:04 PM  

uyy, i posted about that same girl na din in my main blog :)

anyway sis... glad your blog is up and running again!

Ann July 29, 2007 8:54 PM  

hi Mec, I've read your entry ... After watching it parang naramdaman kong naawa ako para sa kanya. Well, that's life :)

flowerdrumsong July 30, 2007 3:35 AM  


Just take it easy, girl. God's blessings will come in due time. :) Take care!