Monday, July 30, 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

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Wella left a message on my tag board and telling me to visit her site. So I did and found out that she nominated me as one of the Rockin Girl Blogger. Oh stop Wella... I'm blushing joke! Since Wella is an exception because she already voted for me, I'll tell something about how we became online buddies. We are in the same group called Weddings At Work. It's an e-group for Filipina bride-to-be forum where in we share some ideas on wedding stuffs and suppliers. It all started with an email and became a fan of her blog. Actually she's the one who inspired me to have my own blog. And there's a time she helped me on editing my blog template. I haven't met her in person, but I could say she's a true friend. You can tell her everything under the sun. She'll make you laugh on her witty replies. To know more about her ... just visit her site here.

And here are my nominees for the Rockin Girl Blogger. So I tag:

1. Bianca - ok, this girl doesn't know me, but I've been a fan of her blog way back 2004. She's a showbiz personality by the way (obviously, I'm not) and I've found out a different side of her through her blog. There were a lot of her entries that really moved me. She's so smart, kikay and so pretty.

2. Mec - just like Wella, I met her through W@W. She's really good in what she writes. Wishing someday I could be like her, writing in English fluently. Her writing skill is so amazing. I've felt the need for a dictionary whenever I pass by her blog. Some words aren't that common to my sight, and I have to read the definition of the word. Being a bookworm herself, she might have got it through reading. I remember me once when I bought this certain pocket book by Anne Rice with so many words that I have no idea what it means ... I tried to write them down on my notebook and find it on the dictionary to understand the meaning of it. Back to Mec, I love how she deals with life with style. She knows everything, she's a know-it-all girl. That's how I see her through her blog.

3. Mai - She's one of the few who inspired me on digiscrapping (digital scrapbooking). Met her on W@W as well, she's one of those people who inspired me to release those creative juices and express it through digital scrapbooking. Too bad, I'm not as artistic as her. I can only do a few, but she can do it a hundred times. Go visit her blog, she has everything on it.

4. Cheche - I love her pay-per-post blogs. Like Mai, they are very informative and at the same time, they get to be paid just by blogging. And have you seen her photos? She's one hell of a great photographer. Do we need to hear where I met this girl? Where else ... at W@W hehehe! W@Wies are bloggers as well. It's our way of sharing our wedding ideas to other bride to be. And Cheche did a great job. Although we don't have common suppliers, she helped me with some details of her wedding through her blog.

5. Thet - I met her through W@W and exchange some emails before I stumbled into her blog. This girl rocks! Hehehe ... She's so outspoken, she doesn't care what other people would say, she just let it out. She's hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Family is always first on her list. She hates being mushy but if she did end up like that ... not bad... keep trying hehehe! Just kidding girl :)


saisho August 01, 2007 2:56 AM  

that's cool. galing. hehe
i like bianca's blog too.