Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ocular Inspection

We went to Good Shepherd Parish church yesterday (which is known also as Cathedral of Novaliches) and did an ocular inspection. After taking pictures of everything we need (photos to follow) we head back to the parish office to reserve the date ... the woman in the office told us that they can't reserve the date until we furnish all the requirements needed ... Baptismal and Confirmation certificate that has the "For Marriage Purposes only" stamp, birth certificate, pre cana interview ek ek whatsoever... what the ... my confirmation certificate is in Plaridel, Bulacan ... I have to go there to get it??? My Baptismal Certificate naman is in Novaliches ... ok lang malapit lang dito yun ... Marriage license and Contract sa Quezon City Hall pa namin kukunin ... na di namin magagawa ng isang linggo.

Dad already knew na I'm getting married ... he cried so hard... naiyak na din ako ... he's still waiting for Jason to tell him about the plans. And I think Jason is looking for the right time to say it hehehehe!