Thursday, April 13, 2006

Patapat Bridge

This shot was taken last year when we first got here in Laoag. The shots we took was not that good so I got some from my photo collection.

FYI from

Patapat bridge is a winding bridge found at the foot of the cliff of the North Cordillera Mountain Ranges. It connects Barangay Balaoi and Pancian and it is around 1.2 kilometers long. This bridge is often referred to as the “French Riviera of the North”. Along the bridge, you can pass the Mabugabog Falls that serves as a source of power for the mini hydroelectric plant. It is only during the rainy days when it shows its splendor with its water dropping rhythmically to precipice on the rocky shore of the sea below. While at the middle of the bridge, you could take a look at the amazing view of the sea and the luxuriant mountains that is 200 meters above sea level. The bridge itself is a superb craft of men and the fabulous sceneries that surrounds it makes it really a breathtaking to behold.

Now this is me and Jason on that bridge. Shot taken by my cousin and my bro. May shots din sila of course. Buti nga medyo maganda na kulay ng paligid. Kasi an hour before di pa masyado blue ang sky and di pa din masyado green ang paligid.

That's Mom and Dad ... Si mommy color combination niya yung motiff namin sa wedding hihihi. Ngayon ko lang napansin.

That's my mega healthy brother dear hehehe! Panay ang pose kasi ini-inggit niya yung girlfriend niya na suppose to be kasama din sa trip kaso di pinayagan ng mommy niya.

That's me with cousin Nurse Rema and my pasaway cousin Fuji, na super duper nahilo sa zigzag road ... buti nalang di siya nag-throw up yung car kundi lagot siya kay dad hahaha!