Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Bunso!

My brother Sherlloyd a.k.a. Butchoy or Lloyd celebrated his 25th birthday last Sunday with the whole family and his girlfriend. We had an afternoon full of fun and of course a lot of eating. We celebrated it in Tagaytay. I remember whenever he celebrates his birthday laging umuulan. Pero yesterday cloudy lang, pero di umulan hahaha! Kaya tuwang tuwa siya. We celebrate it in Tagaytay. We ate at RSM Lutong Bahay, a family favorite spot for food. We ordered fried tawilis (the best!!!), binagoongang talong, ensaladang talong, sisig, ginataang bia, pork barbecue, kare-kare, bulalo, laing and fried hito. FYI, pito lang kami umubos niyan ... imagine how stuff we were. Dessert? Wala na di na kaya eh, baka mag-threw up na kami. Happy birthday bunso! Matanda ka na kaya maghanap ka na ng trabaho joke! hehehe! mwah!

One of the reasons why we always go to Tagaytay is because of the good weather which is good for my allergies. Hindi malamig, hindi mainit. But have you tried going to Tagaytay on the month of January? Sweet! So breezy and so icy cool the wind is. It's much closer in Manila, in 2 hours you're already in Tagaytay. Another reason is that my Tito Jun bought a house and lot in Tagaytay wherein we supervise the construction and update him the status of the house. So far it's already 95% finished. Tito, kami ni Jason unang bibinyag ha? Joke! Actually, it's a family resthouse naman, hindi lang sa tito ko. Kaya we're so excited na din. Oh can't wait!