Monday, November 12, 2007

What's in my Wallet

I was tagged by Rhea. Now it's my turn to do this meme.

I've been using my Marithe Francois Girbaud wallet for about 5 years now. This was one of the stuffs I first bought for myself when I got my 2nd job. Madami pa akong ibang wallet, pero nothing beats her versatility and feel ko swerte siya sa akin kaya di ko siya pinapalitan.

Inside my wallet besides emergency cash (mga natitira sa intrega ni hubby hehehe) are the following:
  1. Identification Cards (Driver's License, Postal ID, BIR, my old company ID)
  2. Discount Cards (Tokyo Tokyo, Rustan's Fresh Card and Mercury Card)
  3. Picture (Jason and me, Grimace and me)
  4. Credit Cards (loyal sa Citibank... dati 7 credit cards yan, dinispatsa ko na yung iba.)
  5. ATM Cards
Now I'm tagging: Mai, Wella, Wanda, Cheryl, and Ibyang