Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sorted Photos

Sorted photos
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I printed out our photos from October 2008-1st week of January 2009. Mostly it's Janna's photos (for the sake of her lolo and lola's viewing purposes). She already consumed two albums. The one we bought for her can't accommodate sheet refills anymore. Good thing her Tita Ana gave her a new photo album last Christmas. Now it's half filled already. I started putting them in her album Sunday night right after I put Janna to bed. I'm halfway through it by 1:00a.m. Then I resumed Monday at 4:00p.m. while she is taking a nap, finished by 5:30p.m. Grabe ang dami no? I almost got a stiff neck just by doing that.

Lesson learned: Print photos every month, try to edit photos while you can. I've been scrapping them for almost 2 weeks.