Saturday, April 01, 2006

I love Saturdays ...

I love Saturdays... Saturdays is when me and Jason have what we call "quality time". Even when I was still working in Manila, Saturday is the best time for us to cuddle each other, have food trips, do our shopping, watched movies, and even go out with friends.

But it has been a year now that we don't get much og our time together since I got here in Laoag. I go home in Manila once a month. I only have three days to stay and that time meant quality time not only for him, but also for my family.

I had the chance to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, The Witch and teh Wardrobe. It's really a kid movie, with moral lessons and all that. It talks about family, the relationship of siblings to one another, the true meaning of sacrifice. It talks about LOVE. There were scenes that made me cry, call me a weirdo, but I did.

Maybe I got emotional because I miss my family a lot. I grew up really close to my brothers & my parents as well. And this is the first time I live far away from them. Tha's why its so hard for me.

I was thinking lately... I sent out a text message to my Dad. I know he's thinking about it and hoping he'll consider my idea.

I want to go home na!