Friday, August 11, 2006

3rd Gown Fitting, Prenup Kwento and Invitation mock-up

Yesterday, I had my 3rd gown fitting. I’m so happy with my gown’s look right now. May beadwork na siya. And the sleeves are done ok na. And I’ve lost weight kaya hindi na masikip yung gown ko whoopee! And I asked Jason if my gown is ok… ok naman daw sa kanya yung gown. What a relief!

I had my make up done with EJ again for our prenup shoot with Paul and Dan. I went to her salon around 1pm because I know how long she takes to have her make up done. OC kasi si Ms. EJ kaya matagal siya mag-make up. 10mins to 3:00pm tapos na ang make up ko nun. We went to Jollibee Philcoa to meet up with the crew … naks … parang artista hahaha!

We had a great time with the prenup. Magaling talaga si Paul sa motivation. I can see Jason was so game sa prenup namin. Pero nakakatawa lang kasi yung mga posing namin eh. Mga hindi mo akalain na gagawin namin hahaha! Saka si Paul magaling talaga, kulang nalang mag-pose kami sa drainage sa UP Campus for his shots. Hahaha … hindi naman umulan that day kaso maputik yung lugar. Di tuloy kami maka-upo sa grass. Pero it was fun. Tapos nandun pa si Dan filming and documenting every move we make. Kasama pa mga wife nila. Super duper great experience. Can’t wait for the photos to be posted sa site ni Paul (Paul ang tagal naman hahaha! Joke lang ha!)

After that we went to Ms. Trina Valenzuela for our invitations. I really am proud with Jason, mas OC na siya kaysa sa akin. I thought ok na yung invites na pinagawa ko kay Ms. Trina. Pero ang dami pa niya pina-revise sa invites namin. When we our on our way home, he told me to text Ms. Trina about having the mock-up made the other way around. Instead of turquoise as the main invites color, gawin ko daw yung yellow naman tapos yung envelop ang turquoise. Buti pumayag si Ms. Trina hehehe. We’ll gonna see the mock up on Saturday.

Before I end up my entry, I would like to share this with you. My brother and I are suckers for Korean movies. These excerpt come from the movie “Almost Love”. It’s a story about childhood sweethearts became in love with each other but having a hard time to express it. The excerpt comes from the novel the guy wrote to his friend. It really moved me … hahaha corny.

“Some people have said, talking about love, is that all? In reality, liking somebody is the least productive thing in the world. It doesn’t feed you, nor does it bring any money to you. Sleeplessness causes loss of mobility, acting silly all day and all night, mistaken for being a mental patient. You go through painful jealous and a broken heart. Do you still believe in love? Such a stinging words thrown at you. Yet I realized … when I love somebody I know millions of reasons for doing it. First, You realize giving brings more happiness than receiving. Second, instead of bad things, you get to see the good things first. Third, you can be a child without a time machine. Fourth, I was often asked, “Do you have something good?” Fifth, you could know how beautiful the sky, star, flowers and tree.”


Forever Yang August 11, 2006 3:52 PM  

May katukayo na pala ako. Sucker din ako sa Korean Movies pati telenobela. Pati Japanese at Chinese pinapanood ko rin. Meron nga kaming telenobela conference tuwing lunch time sa previous companies ko. hehe ang saya! Marami pala tayong corny! :D

mai August 11, 2006 6:13 PM  


can't wait to see the pics... :D

Ann August 11, 2006 6:46 PM  

Naku sis yang sinabi mo pa :) ako lalo, Meteor garden pa super sucker na ako sa mga telenovela and movies nila hehehe.

Ann August 11, 2006 6:48 PM  

sis mai it's up already sa site ni paul. Kakatext palang niya sa akin happy viewing.