Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hahaha sorry guys for that ... can't think of a better title for my post... it's a random thoughts post again so you have to bear with me. Long post to hehehe. All events happened in random order ... naks!

Of all the 10 resumes I've sent last month (February), only one replied. Actually, it's an agency. I never thought it was an agency, because according to their post in Jobstreet, they didn't seem to mention (or I'm the one who didn't mind at all) that they are a recruitment agency for local and overseas jobs. They disclosed the name of the company they're linked to, but all I know is the comapany is located in Balintawak ... it's been almost a month now and still no reply from that agency nor the company. I guess I have to give up my hopes up. But according to my Dad, sometime in June, I'll gonna start to work for a government project again. They haven't told me what company yet but definitely not PCI (Pacific Consultants International). For sure, it's another Japanese firm. It's another flood control project. To all those who are residing in Pasig, finally the government heard your prayers. I was so ecstatic to learn what my starting salary is ... ooops, secret muna baka maudlot! Pero it's a whooping lot of money that even me I don't consider myself worthy of that kind of compensation. I just told Dad that I'll do my best. I might try to take up short courses like 3D Studio Max and the likes, to make myself worthy. Thank you Lord for being so kind to me and my family. But that doesn't mean I'll stop hunting for a job. Government projects depends on funds and budgets alloted for certain projects. Pag walang pondo, walang project.

I went with Jason to UAP Capitol Chapter's Golf Tournament 2007 last March 6. My brother told Jason to drag me to that event para naman daw matagtag ako. Hahaha! All the money they've collected will be donated for Gawad Kalinga Project which the chapter has been helping for the longest time already. I saw the same faces I usually see from other events I attended from UAP QC Capitol Chapter except for the suppliers. A lot of suppliers attended for this game ... siyempre sponsorship kailangan. Adopted child na ako ng QC Capitol. Mantakin nyo ba naman, I have a free t-shirt din for the event. As if I'll gonna play golf. Actually, I'm second photographer for Arch. Jun Bongat (as declared by my hubby, Jason nung na-trapik kami sa Cainta). Kaya wherever he is, nandun din ako. Since na-break in na ang new cam namin last month in Baguio, I got the hang of it's features already.

More photos are on this site.

I get to ride a golf cart for the first time. I'm sure pinagtatawanan ako ni Jason kasi nag-asal bata talaga ako. Jason and I regret on not bringing Dad's golf clubs that day. Driving range only cost 40 pesos for a bucket of 40 balls. Not bad right?

I've started brisk walking last month for health reasons. One good reason is the unstoppable gain of weight. Kuya Jade told me not to get too fat or I might get less chance on getting pregnant. Being bum for a couple of months now, doing nothing but to watch tv, always in front of the computer, eating everything what's on the table ... sinong hindi mag-gigain ng weight di ba? My two brothers are also into it now. My dad treat us for a pair of running shoes just for us to go with him every morning. Oh di ba, ang sarap mag jogging at mag-brisk walking pag bago ang shoes? Hahaha! Just kidding. So far, no effect pa din for me ... pero sa mga kapatid ko nakikita ko na ang results. I just do it every other day ... bakit? Di ba I've mentioned in my past post that I'm allergic to my own sweat? If I'll gonna do it everyday, hindi mawawala yung itchiness and redness ng skin ko lalo na sa mga singit-singit. Dun ako pinupunterya ng mga allergies ko eh. But I'm getting better and better everytime I went on brisk walking. Before I can only take two laps ... now I can do it in four ... imagine how heavy I am kasi madali ako mapagod lagi.

Oh, have you heard of Holy Kettle Corn? According to their website, it is highly recommended for people who are on a diet program, as it contains no preservatives, water, cholesterol, MSG, or butter. While it is high in fiber, its natural sweet-salty taste is not owed to harmful artificial flavoring. Super addicting to munch. I can even finish a large bag full of it. You've got to try it... actually matagal na siyang out sa market, ngayon ko lang siya pinansin. And natuwa pa kami because somebody opened a store outlet of Holy Kettle Corn in Fairview Mall ... we never look on junk foods the same way again after trying this one. Though masyado siya pricey ... 60 pesos for the large bag, and 25 pesos for the small bag.

We're still trying on having a baby ... right now I've been using the Ovulation Calendar from Babycenter.com. According to that, my ovulation period is from March 11-14. Since irregular ako, I keep in my palm one the history of my period since January so I can keep track of my cycle. Natawa nga ako ... kasi I tried doing the math, ano kaya ovulation period ko if 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, or 45 day cycle ako. Magkakalapit lang ang periods believe me. Overlapping pa nga ... ibig sabihin everyday kami magko-contact? hahaha! Silly me ... Don't worry, we won't pressure that much. Masarap lang gawin, mahirap bumuo. Tsk tsk tsk!

Buti pa si Duday (our female mini pincher dog) ... she'll be giving birth on March 28. Amber (Hazel's (a fellow W@wie and kinakapatid) golden retriever dog) will also scheduled to give birth anytime soon. Buti pa sila :( And I want to extend my regards to W@wie ka-bloggers Cathy, Mec, Rhea and Era on their pregnancy. Congratulations to all of you. So happy for you.
Pahawa naman ng konti baka sakali mahawaan ako ng pagbubuntis.

I'm thanking the Lord again for Jason have another project in hand. Sequel to sa renovation ng office ni FG (first gentleman Mike Arroyo). As usual, sa afternoon nagpapatrabaho sa site. Kasi medyo sensitive si FG sa sounds ... pukpok ng martilyo pinapatigil daw. Kaya ang mobilization nila lagi after office hours.

Before I end up my post, I want to tell something about Yummy Magazine. I've learned about this mag through femalenetwork.com's newsletter. I bought it's first ever issue last Sunday. I saw the recipes quite budget friendly. And ingredients are not that hard to find. All are in layman's term. unlike other cookbooks, they have different terms for their ingredients. It has a week planner of recipes you can serve for your family. It's a must have lalo na sa mga newlyweds. I haven't tried any of their recipes but soon I will. Hanggang end of the month nalang kasi ang angel ng tahanan namin. Hangga't walang maid, ako muna ulit ang chef.

Can somebody tell me bakit kutsinta ang tawag sa kutsinta? Wala ba siyang word origination?