Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Our Baguio Trip 2007

Sorry guys, I've been neglecting my blog for a week now, sorry about that. It's been a great week for us. A lot of family trips, shopping and dining out. February 24 - 25, 2007, we went to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival.

Panagbenga means "flowers in bloom", and every year Baguio celebrates this event. It's a very colorful festival with float parades and colorful costumes. Of course, lots and lots of flowers. This is the season that all flowers in Baguio blooms. Hmmm ... I think lagi naman blooming ang flowers sa Baguio because of their climate. Panagbenga festival is a 2 month event. But the main events are the Street Dance and Float Parade. Ut's been a family tradition for 5 years now that we get to see the parade. Although when meninggococima (did I spell it right?) is an outbreak in Baguio, we missed the festival. We also missed it last year because of vehicle issues. The oil from the rear right wheel is leaking. That time we are about to get married by October. Alam nyo na, ang pamahiin, malapit sa aksidente ang ikakasal... kaya we just decided not to go.

We missed the street dance parade last Saturday. Too bad because the traffic was quite heavy due to a flyover being constructed in Baguio. Hmmmm... bakit kailangan ng flyover sa Baguio? And weird! We were checked in at Ridgewood Hotel. We we there by 10:30am na dapat 7am palang nasa Baguio na kami.

The manager of Ridgewood Hotel advised us not to go downtown because of the heavy traffic and tons of people going there to see the parade. He suggested to go to the Little Flower Convent if we want to buy some pasalubong. And after that, go to Sabado's Handicraft madami daw sila pretty goods.

The Little Flower Convent
After eating brunch, we went straight to The Little Flower Convent. It's our first time to see this place, that's why we got curious. Inside their premises lies a small store selling Baguio's famous products. Strawberry Jam, Ube Jam, Peanut Brittle, Cashew Brittle, Tamarind candies that is so addicting to eat because the sweetness and the sour taste is just right. And it has less seeds on it. Plus, if you buy their products, you help the Igorots who's making those products. It's like you're hitting two birds with one stone, nakatulong ka na, nabusog ka pa sa sarap ng products nila. We also bought Yacun tea which is good for diabetics like my dad. He bought a handful of it, kasi nga naman, kailan pa kami makakapunta ng Baguio ulit di ba?

The Little Flower Convent

The Little Flower Convent Store

inside the store

Sabado's Handicraft

Not the usual handicraft store I see in Baguio. Medyo high end ang products nila compared to Mines View and the market in Baguio. Medyo natuwa lang kami mag site seeing, when my mom eyed over the small chair. She has a small director's chair at home but it's already broken. She asked Dad if he can buy it for her. And of course, how can a husband resist his very makulit wife hehehe! Tuwa ang nanay ko hehehe! Maganda naman kasi yung chair, made of pine wood. On the other hand, that bought a stick, some like a kamagong used in arnis. Para daw pag nag-jogging siya may pamalo daw siya sa mga stray dogs hehehe. What did I have for myself? None! Aside from I don't have money to buy something so expensive yet so beautiful, eh I don't know where to put it in our house. Though I love the sungka they made, not the usual sungka you see na mahaba ... shape nya parang oblong na paint palette. Ang ganda grabe!

Yep that's me, photo taken by my brother

the small chairs made of pine wood

other stuffs you can buy in their store

Ridgewood Residence
When Jason and I went to Baguio for our mini honeymoon last December, we checked in Ridgewood Residence. So we made a reservation for the Panagbenga festival. We reserved Apartelle C. It's really a big room. 10 Occupants allowed, with 3 big beds and a sofa bed. 2 TV's, one at the sala and one at the bedroom. One powder room and one bathroom. One dining room and kitchen. There's an electric range and kitchen utensils too. Dinner sets is also provided. And eto ang the best ... it has it's own fireplace. Though Dad and Mom appreciate it more if it's located upstairs with the view of Baguio. It's downstairs kasi, malapit sa carpark. So wala ka makita view and medyo kulob siya. Pero pag pumapasok na yung lamig ng Baguio sa loob ng room, grabe freezer cold na siya. Yun nga lang, mahina signal dun sa ibaba... you need to put your cellphone sa may window side pa para magka-signal.

That day, Ridgewood celebrates it's 2nd anniversary. They had steak night for buffet. A treat for all the guest of the hotel. A lot of foreigners and media were there with us celebrating the steak night dinner. After that, there's a cultural dance show by young igorots to entertain us. Before the dance ended, they've asked guest to come join and dance with them. And I'm one of them hahaha! It's was quite embarrasing and fun at the same time. Anyway, they won't see me for a year so they won't recognize me anymore.

By 1:00a.m. Jason came after his camping trip with his fellow UAP in La Union. By 4:00a.m. my brother came also from his Saturday samba sa Dating Daan. Now we are complete hehehehe! We woke up early for the float parade. Before breakfast I was in the bathroom for so long because I'm nauseous at that time. When everybody thought I was pregnant ... vomit talaga ako ng vomit ... ebs ng ebs ... my mom told me baka daw hindi ako natunawan sa steak that night. Buti nalang nandiyan si mom, pinahiran niya ako ng eucalyptus oil sa stomach and sa dibdib. And after that I'm already okay.

Since I wasn't that hungry, I just ate cereals and sandwhich for breakfast. Everytime I eat rice, I'm throwing up. Jason was kind of worried that time and asked if I can still go to watch the parade... siyempre no! Ayoko na ma-miss yung float parade ... na-miss na nga namin yung street dance nung Saturday eh.

Panagbenga Float Parade 2007
We were there at the start of the float parade at around 8:00am. We can see a lot of people already seating at the sidewalk waiting for the floats. We don't know if we have the best spot to watch the parade that time. So just stayed there, geared up our videocam and digicams and wait patiently.

You can view more photos from Panagbenga Float Parade here

As I expected, the floats are so pretty, especially Baguio Country Club Hotel's float. They are already a hall of famer kaya di na sila kasali sa contest. They always have a wedding theme.

Bad trip kami sa mga nagwowork sa SM Baguio. Daan sila ng daan sa mga kinaroroonan namin kasi daw malili-late na daw sila sa work. Heller? Alam naman nila na may float parade, bakit hindi sila pumasok ng maaga?! One guy told us that we're so mayabang daw, dayo lang naman daw kami. Yung sinabihan niya na middle aged woman told him "Anong dayo sinasabi mo diyan? Kung wala kami walang kwenta ang Panagbenga nyo?" Go manang ... iboboto kita sa Senado hehehe joke! Then Jason kid arround and said, "Wag kang pupunta ng Fairview, malilintikan ka!!!" and Everybody laughed! I really love my husband hehehehe!

There were a lot of famous celebrities as well. Team Unity minus Tito Sotto were there. They have their own float. Hay naku, ang pulitiko talaga. Super gwapo ni Migs at papa Ralph hahaha. Mike Defensor was there also but he's already in Session Road ... Allan Peter Cayetano was also their, nasa Session road din. Manny Villar ang super bait ... hindi nag-float. ANg sipag maglakad at makipagkamay sa tao. Nakakatuwa siya. Mr. Pichay have his own float representing Surigao. He has also a helicopter showering petals and confetti. Ang yaman no? hehehe! Who cares??? Ara Mina was there with Cebuana Lhuiller float and their basketball team. Francine Prieto for the San Miguel float. And starstruck Paolo riding SM's float.

That's papa Ralph with Chavit, the one wearing orange polo is Cesar Montano. Migs Zubiri is at the left side of the float

Ara Mina

Manny Villar

Francine Prieto

Prospero Pichay (hmmm... kaya siguro nasa Bgauio siya aksi maraming pechay sa Baguio)

After that we were so exhausted na kaya bumalik na kami sa hotel to pack our things and head home. Feeling ko talaga super napagod kami, but it was fun watching and celebrating the festival with Baguio. Next time ulit :)


QT March 09, 2007 2:31 AM  

namiss ko na naman pinas. huhu...

Maeyo March 10, 2007 3:26 PM  

Hay... yan ang nakakamiss sa Pinas... every new experience/place is just a few hours on land. Dito kasi wala masyado makita except desert... kaya compromise sila with man-made attractions. :)

Thanks for your comment sa blog ko ha.

Ann March 10, 2007 7:03 PM  

QT: oo nga, and I'm sure miss ka na din ng Pinas

Maeyo: You're welcome, nice naman talaga mga shots mo eh. so happy for you :)