Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Identification card

I'm married to Jason for almost 10 months now, and I still haven't got any I.D. cards, not one, bearing my new surname. Why is that? I don't have a job so no company I.D. in hand. My driver's license is due on my birthday this year so I spared for a while my attempt to change my status and surname until December 2007. I didn't have the chance to apply for an SSS ID when I was still working. My kuya Stanley is going to SSS on Thursday or Friday to apply for his ID as well. Sasama ako sa kanya so that I could have my SSS ID bearing my new surname.

Today, I applied for my postal I.D. It took us two days to work on it because a slight of delay happened when we got our barangay clearance in our barangay. Nakarating kami sa barangay hall ng 12:30. Obviously, lunch time pa. 1:30 pa bumalik yung person na nag-aasikaso ng clearance. Problem pa, sira xerox nila, so we have to look for the nearest place to photocoy our documents. It also took another 30 minutes for the barangay captain to sign our postal I.D. form. Another factor was the rain ... kahit san kami mapunta eh umuulan huhuhu! After going to our baranggay hall, we go straight to NSO to claim our documents ... marriage certificate for me and birth certificate for my brother and his girlfriend. Grabe ang haba ng pila. Twice pa kami nasingitan. Mga nag-iinarte pa eh obvious na obvious na nga na sumisingit sila. Hindi nalang namin pinatulan. Bahala na si Lord sa kanila. Anyway, since 4:00pm na umuwi na kami at resume nalang tomorrow ulit.

Kanina naayos na namin lahat ng documents. Thumbmark nalang ang kulang. As usual, naabutan nanaman kami ng lunchtime. My bad coz nagising ako ng late. So late na din kami nakaalis ng bahay. Kaya pumunta muna kami kay Paul Vincent. After nun balik kami ng city hall... ayun ok na. Maki-claim na namin sa Thursday. Pero malamang sa Friday na namin kukunin. Coding ang kotse pag Thursday. I'm quite excited about this one. Oh can't wait!


dionne August 08, 2007 1:55 PM  

kakainis talaga yung mga singit sa pila. :P at least you're getting your IDs one by one. daming ek-ek talaga pag change of name. kakapagod. may mga IDs pa rin ako sa surname ko pero kakatamad lakarin eh. hehe.

Ann August 08, 2007 2:00 PM  

Hi Dionne, tama ka "nakakatamad lakarin" ... pababalik-balikin ka pa at kung ano2x hinihingi na requa... eh marriage certificate nga dapat makuntento na sila.

nagreklamo eh no? hahaha!