Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random thingy...

I know I'm such a bad blogger. My blog is close to being a blogghorea ... I got the meaning of Blogorrhea from Jovi, a fellow WP Pinoy Blogger.

Blogorrhea - n. having nothing significant to write about so you just blog whatever just to make a post; meaningless ranting and raving on a blog.

Now gets mo na? I don't know if my blog is a good example of a bloggorrhea. If it is... who cares! Hahahaha! It's my blog, so you can't do anything about it.

So ano ba pwede kong ikuwento ngayon?

Jason is now close to being a sweet person. Last night, I was telling him that my back hurts a lot. And he tried to ease the pain by massaging it a little. This afternoon, I told him I wanted to eat pizza for lunch. And he did, he ordered pizza for me. Awwwww... so sweet!

My hair is dying I think ... it's too dry. I think it needs a hot oil treatment. Maybe I'll head up to the salon on Saturday to have it look good and shiny again. Hehehe! Was thinking of having it relaxed too ... kaso in October nalang bago pumunta ng Cebu.

Speaking of Cebu, Jason and I will go there to celebrate our first year anniversary as husband and wife. It's our first formal honeymoon actually. ason will be a having a convention in Cebu along with other fellow architects from United Architects of the Philippines. So excited to see Cebu and most excited on riding my first plane ride. Wahahaha ... oo first time kong sasakay ng plane kaya wag mo ako pagtawanan. Hehehe! Ang babaw ng kaligayahan ko talaga.

Was thinking of making lambing to my Dad to buy me a Canon 400D camera to make myself busy and learn and enhance my skills in photography. I wanted to enroll in a photography class para matutunan ang dapat matutunan. Sayang naman ang punta sa Cebu kung hindi ko ma-capture ng maigi di ba? Pero kung hindi mag-gi-give in si Dad sa advance Christmas gift ko sa kanya eh I'll stick to my point and shoot camera hehehe.
Hmmm... san kaya maganda pumunta sa Cebu? Any suggestions?