Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Diaper bag

Since I don't have anything to blog about, I opt to blog about the diaper bag I bought for a friend for her baby shower, which we missed because Janna was confined in the hospital that time. And since we still have the gift here at home ... I think I'm going the blew up the surprise. At least she'll know that she won't have to purchase a diaper bag anymore. Hi Hazel hehehe! Just pretend you haven't read my post ok? And when you receive the gift, pretend you are surprised pa rin hahaha!

Before buying this bag, I asked my fellow N@wie, Morning, if she have stocks of Baby Couture bags for a baby girl. She told me that she only have stocks for baby boys ... all bags are in blue hehehe. So I thought, I'll just buy it at the mall. But since I don't have time to shop, I gave Sophie and Andie a try since they have a purple color for a diaper bag. Purple is Hazel's fave color hihihi. I texted fellow N@Wie Rhea, if the color is still available. And she said yes, and gave me a 20% discount for the bag. Nice thing about it is she delivered it right through our doorstep. Too bad, we were in the hospital when she went to our house. I haven't met her in person pa kasi hihihi. There will be next time, I suppose, di ba sis?

It comes with a changing mat and purse. It has lots of compartment for all your baby needs. I so love it. Even malaki siya sa paningin, hindi naman siya bulky.

Kung wala pa akong diaper bag, bumili din ako nito ... I love the color yellow diaper bag hehehe. Since dalawa na yung Baby Couture Bag ko eh wala ng reason pa para bumili ulit ako ng isa pa. Unless may magreregalo hehehe. The best thing about Sophie and Andie eh gawang Pinoy ito! Kaya grab yourself one of these. I'm sure you'll gonna love it as well.


Rhea January 04, 2009 3:42 PM  

hi, ann! wow, thank you so much for posting about it ha! we're so glad you liked it! :) yey! sana nagustuhan rin nung friend mo. :) happy new year!