Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts and more

Actually, as I write this post ... more gifts and noche buena baskets for Dad spread all over the sala (hindi na under the tree hahaha) ... came from different parts of the Philippines. I'm waiting for the spicy vinegar from Negros Occidental ... mukhang hindi yun ang ibibigay ni Cong. Cojuangco ngayon hehehe. There were also boxes of pears, oranges, grapes, fruit cocktails, and all-purpose cream. There's a styro full of different kinds of fish (coz Dad's been eating it for 2 years already), and also some goodies from Pampanga's Best. Not to forget ... boxes of red wines, too.

This year, some gifts under our tree are from Jason's suppliers. Contest sila ni Dad, paramihan ng gifts ... kaso wala ng tatalo kay Dad. It's always like this every Christmas. Actually, we are so blessed that we don't have to do the groceries for our Noche Buena, because it's already here at home. Tons of Noche Buena basket to fill even my birthday and Medya Noche.

Actually, nakikisali na sa paramihan ng gifts ang kapatid kong bunso, coz he have some in this tree as well from his officemates. Grabe, high EQ sila, they're going to open the gifts on Christmas day pa. Ang tindi ... kaso ako minsan low EQ lalo na if I saw Ferrero Rocher sa baskets saka chocolate chip cookies. My mom would wonder nalang bakit lahat ng basket may butas na. Not to mention ... my so adorable baby is always ecstatic whenever she's near the tree because of these gifts.

Ako, I never have too many gifts eversince I was born. Ewan ko, maybe sadyang kuripot mga kaibigan ko o wala akong kaibigan. Even hubby doesn't give me gifts anymore hehehe unless I asked for it. Ganun na ata talaga ang tumatanda.

Like I said ... hindi na ako umaasa pero if ever matanggap ko yung gusto kong camera bago matapos ang taon na ito, who cares kung wala ako matanggap na gift before! I got my family, hubby and Janna ... what else can you ask for?


Rocks December 23, 2008 3:45 PM  

Merry Christmas to your whole family and a blessed New Year sis!

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