Monday, December 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Date

Hubby and I made our last minute Christmas shopping for our inaanak yesterday. Since we are very early, there's not much people lining up the cashiers. But their are lots of people on cue at the gift wrapping section. I told hubby that will just buy gift wrappers and I'll be the one to wrap it.

After that, we ate lunch and headed to the cinema to watch Twilight. I've been keeping my excitement to Jason since he doesn't know that it's was a love story type of movie ...

Finally ... after waiting for almost a month ... napanood ko na din ang Twilight whoopee!

I love the movie from the start till the end. But a little disappointed that some great stuffs from the book didn't come out of the movie. My favorite scenes were Bella and Edward would have their time alone sitting up on trees .. grabe ... wish hubby and I can do that, too. Love it when Edward and Bella look at each others eyes ... it's so romantic. Like hubby said, "Parang Harry Potter naman yung Twilight" hmmm ... seems like somebody didn't like it hahaha!

I also ask hubby, "Labs, ano di mo naintindihan sa Twilight, tanong mo sa akin at sasagutin ko." and he said, "Labs naman, bat di mo sinabi na love story pala yun" hahaha! As if I told him, would he still watch it with me? I don't think so wahahaha!