Thursday, February 12, 2009

Julianna Alyssa @ 9 months old

Her milestone @ 9 months old:

1. Knows how to wave goodbye.
2. Knows how to hum songs ... I think she was born to be a singer hehehe.
3. Additional words she can utter:
- A-ba for labas
- aba! for the expression Aba!
- anda for ganda
- a-ap for sarap
4. Loves to stand up
5. Starting to cruise around her crib.
6. Still drinks more milk than eat more solid food.
7. She knows how to kiss.
8. She can twitch her lips like a mouth of a fish.
9. She can do beautiful eyes and kilig gesture.
10. At night, she prefers not to be lulled to sleep, but rather put in bed and she'll shut her eyes every once in a while to tire herself to sleep.
11. She explore her hands more lately. she wave it, close and open, wiggle it, putting it in her mouth ... she's so facinated with her hands.
12. Does "eat! bulaga!" on anything that can cover her face. Before she only does that on her lampin.
13. Now uses large size diapers. Mukhang pa-XL na dahil lumalaki na ang pata!
14. Now weighs 7.5 kilos and measures 74cm.
15. The laundry hamper is her favorite place after a walker ride.
16. If she hears a song, it's either she'll stomp her feet or wave her hand to the tune. I love it! kakatuwa!