Monday, February 09, 2009

New Maids

A new set of household help arrive yesterday. Of course, they’re not that good like Ingrid and Shasha but at least there’ll be somebody to do all the chores so I can concentrate on taking care of Janna. But I’ve learned just today that they don’t know how to cook. One of them claims that cooking is the most hate chore for her. But she can cook the basic like rice (with rice cooker), fried food, pinakbet and diningding… the rest she doesn’t know anymore.

Oh well, maybe I can do the cooking and they’ll be my sou chef and I’m the main cook hehehe. I think I need to ask my Tito now to look for somebody else. I don’t think this two will gonna survive working with us especially with my super OC mom.

Goodluck to them.