Monday, February 09, 2009

A Dream

Saturday night, I had the worst dream in my whole life. And I never were that affected with my past dreams until that night.

I just want to make it clear the facts I’ll blog here are based on what I’ve remembered in my dream. Kumbaga this is a dream sequence, didn’t happen in real life (and I wish it never will happen)

I dreamed about hubby having an affair with somebody else. I know it’s so petty pero in my dream, I know the girl in full detail. I know her name which hubby calls her “Daria” (no offense to women with the name Daria pero I just want to let you know that I so hate you all). I don’t know what her work is but she’s somebody famous because she was seen on magazines modeling for clothes … All I know is that they met in the office where hubby works. I don’t know if she’s an officemate or somebody else. She’s pretty, a bit taller than hubby … and sexy… obviously, opposite ko. So no wonder maghanap ng iba si hubby di ba?

Everytime hubby will go out with her, nagpapaalam pa siya sa akin, and I’ll answer back with a slap on his face. Pero hubby won’t budge, he’ll just look at me and left the house. Ganoon lagi ang scenario. Kung susumahin ko ang mga sampal na inabot sa akin ni hubby, siguro minamanas na mukha niya, at nanginngitim dahil sa pasa.

I can still remember how she looks like. Susmiyo, feeling ko pag nakita ko sa public place yung tao na yun eh baka masabunutan ko yun hahaha.

When I woke up, I’m having hard time breathing, I’m having chest pains … and I cried so hard. I woke up hubby and hugged him tight. He asked me what’s wrong. I told him everything and he just laughed. Eh malabo naman daw kasi mangyari yun eh. Kaya wag na daw ako mag-alala.

Dapat lang na hindi ako mag-worry di ba?