Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No Maids by Friday

We have two maids at home. They are both vocational course graduates. While they are still looking for work, they decided to work for us as household helpers. In fairness, they are very good, wala talaga kami masasabi sa kanila. Mahilig pa sa bata so pwede ko sila utusan na bantayan si Janna while playing.

Sadly, their tita texted them that they need to go home dahil may naghihintay na trabaho na for them. Of course, sino ba naman kami para pigilan sila umasenso di ba? Kaya nga sila nag-aral eh para hindi maging maid for life. We asked them na wag na muna sana umalis hanggang wala pa sila kapalit. Kaso they need to go na daw dahil kailangan na kailangan na daw sila.

Starting Friday ... I might not go online that often. I'm sure I'll gonna miss again my cyberworld. I'll be blogging less coz it will be mommy duties on my own ... and not to mention ... magiging cook nanaman ako for everybody ... I'll also have to take care of some chores ... hay o hay ... ngayon pa naman, very demanding si Janna dahil she's learning to stand and walk na kasi. Kaya pag playtime, you have to watch her. Hindi pwede iwanan.

Now we're hoping to look for new helpers. Sana kasing galing nila ... Lord, help us!

To Ingrid and Shaha, thank you for everything, for making our lives a little easier. Wishing you goodluck on your new jobs and I'm sure Janna won't forget you both. God bless you.


sweetytots February 05, 2009 1:46 PM  

hay.. ang hirap tlga walang maid.. pero ganun nga tlga..

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