Friday, February 20, 2009

Unexpected News!

Mom, Dad and kuya went to Davao last Wednesday. Dad is attending a conference and mom tagged along coz she wanted to get used of riding a plane. Before the year end or early next year, they'll be flying to the US as immigrants. Since mom is alone in the hotel while Dad is in the conference, he asked my kuya to come. Anyway, my kuya's GF is based in Davao, so kuya went with them with glee. Another reason why they're in Davao is that mamanhikan na ang kuya ko sa parent s nf GF niya. They're getting married na kasi this year.

Last night my Dad called us and told us there is a slight problem. It happens that my kuya has been keeping from us that he already have a 6 month old daughter with her fiance. Imagine, 6 months na ... Dad and Mom felt guilty that they've been pouring Janna with love, little did they know they have another apo very far from them. My dad decided that my kuya bring his family with them already. Ano pa magagawa naman, andiyan na eh. We'd love them to stay here at home so that Janna will have a playmate ... but dad decided they'll stay at my tita's condo for a while. Masikip na kasi dito sa bahay ... and may isa nanaman mag-sasacrifice ng isang kuwarto para sa kanila.

I feel happy for my kuya. Pero I could feel na mahahati na ang attention ng lolo at lola sa mga apo nila. Siyempre, all this time it's been Janna all alone. Pero ngayon, dalawa na ang pagtutuunan ng pansin. Ika nga nila, wala pa ang selos factor sa mga kids dahil bata pa ... pero sa mga anak ng nanay at tatay ko meron. I'm sure my kuya feels the same when he sees my mom and dad playing with Janna the whole time, while his daughter is in Davao with his in laws. Well, it's his fault naman that he brought his fiance there when she got pregnant.

Another dilemma we have to face is that we barely knew his fiance. We only met her once, and that's it. Tapos nung time na yun buntis na pala siya di namin alam. Oh well, para sa kuya ko have to to treat as family. Just like what they did to Jason.

On the positive note, Janna now have a cousin ... and a playmate, and hopefully a friend with Elay. I hope they'll grow up as close just like us with all our cousins. And I'm sure their lolo and lola will love them both unconditionally just like they did to us.

To Ann and my niece Elleyanna Yvonne (pronounced as El-ya-na), welcome to our family ... hoping to see my pamangkin soon!