Friday, March 13, 2009

Julianna Alyssa @ 10 months old

Julianna Alyssa's milestone at 10 months old
1. Loves taking her vitamins. Before, I have to put it on her food or milk just to make her get to take her vitamins everyday.
2. She now eats solid food 3 times a day, and now eating two tablespoons per meal.
3. Doesn't use her walker that much, she loves to climb on things for her to stand up.
4. And she can now cruise around the house particularly in her crib and in the sala.
5. She already learned how to clap her hands.
6. New words she's been uttering this past few days: Bab-ba - for Bobby (our mini pin), dey - for there, Pay-pay or Pay - for Popoy (our retriever dog)
7. Loves to see our dogs and flowers.
8. When she's having difficult time sleeping, all you have to do is comb her hair.
9. She'll make kilig when you say kilig-kilig to her.
10. Learned how to drink to a sippy cup.
11. Loves fruit juice and water.
12. Swims for the first time in an inflatable pool. And she love it!
13. Super mega bigtime drooler!
14. She loves eating super mega small bite sizes of bread during merienda.
15. Little by little, she's trying to socialize especially with toddlers and kids.