Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tips! Tips! Tips!

Jason and I are first time parents. We always make it a point to consult advices from our friends and family on what things to be bought for baby J. Good thing one of my friend and ka-bloggie Azrael shared some buying tips for soon to be parents. I've been bugging him for days on what to buy for baby J. And he got inspired to blog about his shopping experience for his baby Aila.

So if you need some tips, maybe he can help you. Don't worry, it's so informative and entertaining as well. I was laughing so hard when I read his post (sorry bro, can't help it!) Don't forget to leave some love on his blog if you liked his entry. He wanted to know what soon to be parents would react on his entry hehehe!

Oh Az, thanks for the MP3's ... Baby J liked it so much ... she's up all day. I think she enjoyed listening.