Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Love the Christmas Season ...

... but I also have reasons why I hate it in some ways.

During this season, my allergies are always present. Tomorrow, I'm going to attend a friends wedding, but here I am, too many allergies on my face, I can't put too much make up to cover it because it will only irritate it. So I have to deal with it, project with a smile and never worry I have redness on my face. Even I've took my antihistamine meds for a week, I'm still not allergy free ... kainis! Goodluck to me.

I always have asthma attack especially during dawn. It's what I call "ma-plemang Pasko" ... sounds ewwww but that's it.

Robbed out ... during the Christmas season, we are always robbed out of money due to Christmas shopping and gift giving. Oh well, that's one of the essence of Christmas ... give love on Christmas Day hihihi.

Pag dumadating din ang panahon na ito, napipilitan ka mag-reminisce kung ano ang mga magagandang nangyari sa buhay mo ng nakalipas na taon. Napipilitan ka din mag-isip kung ano ang pwede mo gawin sa susunod na taon. Di ba nakaka-stress yun?

After Christmas, I will be another day older, coz my birthday falls on the 30th. So before the year ends, I'll be 31 years young. Next year, wala na sa calendar ang birthday ko. Sissshhh! My biological clock is already ticking ... I wonder when will Jason plans on having another baby? All I know is NOT now but next time or soon ... but not now. Frankly speaking, ayoko pa din eh. Mahirap mabuntis ... pero kung si Jason ang magbubuntis ok lang hahaha.