Thursday, December 11, 2008

Julianna Alyssa @ 7 months old

Click to play Janna @ 7 months
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Milestones @ 7 months:
  1. Can now say "Ma-ma" for Mommy, ma-mam for water, didi for milk
  2. Can now crawl (grabe ang bilis!)
  3. Can sit down on her own. She practiced while she's in the hospital. By the time we went home, pag hiniga na namin siya ... she sits from her side tapos tinutukod niya yung isang hand niya bago maka-sit up straight.
  4. Can now cling on the edge of her crib. She's now starting to practice to stand up by grabbing on to handles of her crib. We're planning to lower her crib na kasi baka matuto na tumayo bigla sumampa sa crib at mahulog siya.
  5. Is now eating solid foods. Her pedia advised us to let her eat a teaspoon per feeding. But she can eat a tablespoonful already ... twice or thrice a day yun ha. Next week she will start to eat fruits.
  6. Mastered the use of her walker. Before she walks sideways, but now she walks straight. The best thing of all is that she never slides at all, she walks as if she's walking without a walker.
  7. Poses and smiles at the camera when you say "Posing!"
  8. We started putting on shoes while she uses her walker. Dati kasi walang kasya na shoes, pero ngayon meron na weeeeeeee!
  9. She now weighs 6.8 kg. and 7o cm. in height.
  10. Starting to make "beautiful eyes" when she laughs.
  11. Whenever she holds something, when you say "give", she'll give it to you back ... except when she's holding the remote control and our cellphone hehehe.
  12. Knows how to wave goodbye. Learned it after her hand was free of dextrose.
  13. Knows how to kiss mommy and daddy, with matching hawak pa both hands sa cheek yun ha.
  14. Loves to play thumping on anything that is shaped like a box. We're planning to buy her a toy drum set for Christmas hehehe.
  15. Doesn't like drinking in a sippy cup but rather drinks water from a glass. Sana di masayang yung sippy cup na binigay ng tito niya.
  16. Obeys when we say, "Come here, Janna!" or we say "No!"
  17. She can now recognize faces and names of the people around her.