Friday, March 06, 2009

Questions of the Week #48

1. “So…do you want the good news or the bad news?” When someone asks you this, which one do you generally ask for first? I always prefer to hear the bad news first.

2. Do you remember compliments more than rude remarks or vice versa? Yup, but I never forget rude remarks either.

3. The main difference between you and your best friend is … I'm more of the extrovert and he is the introvert.

4. Have you ever given someone a fake phone number, just to get rid of them? Nope, coz I make sure that I always give my number to someone I wanted to get in touch with... always! I make some excuses for him/her not to ask me my number.

5. Do you find that there’s too much choice in your life? Oh yes, but if you learned to live a more simplier life, no matter how many choices there are, it will never be that confusing.

6. How would you describe your temper? I don't easily get mad, but if I do ... it's thrice of what you're thinking how mad I am.

7. Are you more likely to exaggerate or downplay your troubles? Nope

8. List 3 people-real or fictional, living or dead, famous or personal friends-whom you respect and admire, and why. Hmmm ... this is a toughie ...
  • my Mom, coz before when she was a SAHM, she brought us up alone without any help with a yaya. Unlike me, it feels so difficult to handle things around the house without a household help. And her love is so unconditional.
  • my Dad, who never fails to take care of us, good provider and good listener. I hope hubby will be the same like him. But I love hubs the way he is.
  • Edward Cullen, for being the " Mr. Right" to every woman in the world.
9. Can you draw? Yah ... coz I have to or else, I won't finish college hahaha! It's part of what I do when I was still working. And until now, what we do for a living.

10. What do you need to work on? my body ... coz I've been neglecting my body eversince I got pregnant. I hate looking at myself in the mirror but I don't do anything about it. I feel so guilty.

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